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Testimonials From Clients At Belmont Music Studio

Marcy Woodhull Polhemus   Long Beach, CA

I wandered into Belmont Music Studio in November 2010, a little self conscious about wanting to learn to play guitar. I had inherited beautiful electric guitars and couldn’t bear the thought of them sitting unplayed. John Capito happened to be at the studio the day I walked in and he made me feel so welcome. I’ve been taking guitar lessons ever since and, for the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve played in a band that John formed, composed of students and teachers.  John has infinite patience and always has an encouraging word for my efforts. For music students of all ages, Belmont Music Studio is the place to learn and grow. 

Valli O.  Long Beach, CA

Great experience. I was looking for entertainment for a private soiree. I live near the BMS so I gave the owner, John a call. He invited me to bring in a flyer to post to see if there was any interest. The next day, I received a call from him telling me that he found a duo for the party.Gage (a current instructor at BMS) and Luca were fun, well mannered and just right for the evening. I would be very comfortable recommending them. They also played quite a long while for us (twice the contracted time) which was much appreciated. Let's face it. Music can turn a party into a memorable moment, and they did that for us. Cheers!

Deejay V. Long Beach, CA

I work as a music professional and came to the Belmont Music Studio for a high level of classical music instruction. John the owner is a great guitar teacher. He is patient and kind while teaching. He really understands how give the best training possible on guitar. Thank you John !


Jessica Rix  Long Beach, CA

This is a studio that caters to music lovers of all ages. Set in the heart of Belmont Shore, it's unique location makes this the ultimate and pleasant experience. Students of all ages with interests in various instruments can expect the best in instruction.I took a percussion lesson with John, (the owner), and was very impressed with his teaching style. I've met a few of the other instructors, and all seem very dedicated to their music and passion to teach. I recommend this place to any musician I meet, and am happy to have this in the Belmont Shore Community!  


Steve R.  Long Beach, CA


Not only does BMS care about music education and having the most passionate instructors readily available, but the store went one step further recently adding a new room, new paint, and new carpet! Great atmosphere for music lessons, and a must for families and adults that are interested in pursuing their musical aspirations! Great place! And so happy to have met John. He's a great musical mentor.

Anna Haubrich (4th grader) Long Beach, CA

I got into music by going to the waiting room in the old studio when I was four, waiting for my brother's guitar lesson. Then I saw a little girl and she was holding a ukulele. I said to my mom, "I want to try that." After seeing my dad playing instruments and thinking about it, I knew I found my love, music. My favorite instrument is the ukulele because I have more experience listening and playing it. I have been taking lessons here for about 4 years and I love it. I would really love to go to a music school and challenge myself. I also love preforming and music is the most important step for victory.

Deanne T.​ Long Beach, CA

I've been a Belmont Music Studio student for the past 18 months.  Myself and a friend signed up for semi-private acoustic guitar lessons with essentially zero music experience and not a lick of natural talent.  We left our very first lesson with a song to take home and practice.  And since then our instructor, John, who also happens to be the owner, has kept us interested, challenged and encouraged with each lesson and new song.  Despite it being difficult at first to understand how to strum the guitar or learn the basic chord shapes, we found that over time we could actually play several songs.  And now, 18 months later, we are venturing on stage with John's band.  So if ever a cliche were appropriate, it's now: "If I can do it, anyone can!" Or maybe I should say: "If John can teach me to play a guitar, he can teach anyone to play!"​

Curtis D.​  Long Beach, CA

I love this place. My instructor Nick is great. He is flexible, patient, and has really helped my playing. I totally look forward to my lessons every week, and Nick makes it fun while motivating me at the same time. The owner (John) and his girls are very friendly as well. Thanks you guys!

Lara M.    Long Beach, CA

Our nine year old daughter started acoustic guitar lessons here with Gage about three months ago and has progressed beautifully, what is even better than progress though, is the love for music he has fostered in her. She has grown so much and has begun exploring different styles of music, she practices every day - voluntarily - and is just completely in love with learning to play. She counts down the days between lessons and has started asking us to add a second lesson to her schedule. Its a beautiful process to watch and we couldn't do it without them.

Debra B.   Long Beach, CA

I started my son on piano lessons here years ago.  Every single teacher he has had has been supportive, gentle and caring.  He is 11 now and still wants to come every week.  I highly recommend this place for kids especially, of any age.

Rom B.​    Anaheim, CA

Great service.. EXCELLENT FOR LESSONS.. Awesome teachers!!!  For all ages  the lessons are great.. Easy to sign up.. Givem a call .. DEFINITELY WORTH IT

Joel H.    Long Beach, CA

My daughter has been taking piano lessons at Belmont Music Studio for about ten months.  Last Saturday was her second recital.  Considering the short time she has been taking lessons, I am absolutely amazed at how well she plays.  Without taking anything away from my daughter, I have to give credit to Alissa who has been an awesome instructor.  My daughter absolutely loves her and the whole group at Belmont Music Studio.  I heartily recommend them.

Richard C.    Long Beach, CA

I came to Belmont Music Studios a couple months ago with almost no previous musical training. I always wanted to play the electric guitar but never got around to it until one day, I saw the tribute to Albert King during his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on TV last year. 

After that, I was determined to learn blues guitar though I regretted the fact that I would be starting relatively late in life, thinking that one had to start this sort of thing when very young. 

But I started taking private lessons with Big Harmonica Bob and John Capito and am starting from square one learning the scales and basic guitar technique. Bob and John make it fun to start with the basics as they quickly started to have me applying the basics to playing music and encouraging me to not just memorize notes and rifts but to be able to feel the music and improvise in order to truly play blues music. 

On top of that, the studio has been encouraging me to play with an experienced blues band at the studio which is the fastest way to truly learn to play electric guitar. 

I always leave the sessions feeling like I improved a lot and appreciate that John and Bob are always patient with me making me look forward to each new lesson. I believe that in a year or two, I'll be good enough to play with the band in front of an audience!

Lani M.   Long Beach, CA

We like this place. Everyone is very friendly. My sons instructor for drums is Cale & he is great.

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