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John Capito

Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Piano, & Drums

When I was in middle school or even younger, my passion was visual arts. My family would take road trips to Sonoma, Ca where my grandfather and uncle both live. Let me tell you, they are both talented. My grandfather Larrick plays the keys, guitar and melodica. More specifically, he plays a Hammond B-3 organ, which a lot of musicians use in the jazz, blues and rock world. My uncle Dorian plays drums and percussion. Some of my fondest memories were of them jamming on a stage in this oversized barn/garage which they built. Being that young and knowing these talented musicians were a part of my family, I was really inspired. They play jazz, blues, samba, rock, and bossa type of music. Specifically, Larrick taught me lots of songs, how to read chord charts and got me interested with music. Later, I attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where I was surrounded by many more talented musicians such as Scott Henderson, Jamie Findlay and other musicians that came from all around the world. I performed in a couple original rock bands called the Federallys and Blew Fluid. We played at the Roxy, Whiskey, Galaxy, Di Piazzas, Vault 350, Pomona Fairplex and others. At times, my friends Dallas Howell and Mike Khalil would play the same show. I have also experienced playing out as a solo act at various dining clubs such as Cafe Piccolo, the Madison, Christy's and various private parties. In the past, I have even taken my music to Hollywood in acting parts on television shows and I am a current member of the Professional Musicians' Local 47 Union. I'm still in contact on a regular basis with a television series scout who is always looking for new musicians to work in various parts on television shows.  I also write my own music, which you can find at Presently, I continue to play music with various musicians, whether it be arranging my own songs with the guys or reading down a jazz standard. I am very happy to work with these very talented musicians at Belmont Music Studio. I've known them for a long time and they are the best!

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