Komppee Sy

Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Beg. Vocals

Komppee Sy has been playing music since the age of five. He started off playing drums but later picked up acoustic and electric guitar in high school. He stuck with these instruments all throughout his teenage years. After high school, he continued to pick up bass guitar, piano, and vocals. He studied some music, sound engineering, and stage music in college. He can teach pop, funk, reggae, rock, techno, and many more. To this day, Komppee still performs with his church doing skits and small concerts. He has previous experience working with youth and toddlers.

Komppee is now with a reggae band called 2nd Chronicles and Mun Dee (Potato Good Band). They go around producing music and working with other clients. This reggae band has performed at local clubs and pubs all around Long Beach. To this day, Komppee continues to work and play passionately in his work and personal experience. His goal is to help his students and clients become the best player that they can be.