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Vinicio Ordonez

Vini began playing music very young in elementary school. His love for music grew to a passion when he found a sense of purpose and belonging from playing in band at school. From early on he loved the versatility of playing different instruments and styles. From elementary through high school Vini alternated between flute, sax, clarinet, piano, drums and trumpet. In high school he acquired leadership skills from his time as section leader and drum major. This role gave him the opportunity to teach and mentor others for the first time which fueled his desire to become a music teacher.


Vini's professional goals include reaching full circle by becoming a band director in a high school with lower income, disadvantaged students as he was to carry forward skills, self-esteem and opportunities he earned from learning music at school. In order to reach this goal, Vini is majoring in Music Education and Saxophone Performance at Cal State Long Beach.


Vini loves to play different types of music and staying versatile by participating in various ensembles such as the rock music ensemble Test Flight, AVC's Jazz Big Band, AVC Symphonic Band, and Sunday Night Singers Chorale. Experience in these ensembles has given him the opportunity to play at various venues in Hollywood, Los Angeles and all over the Southern California area. Vini loves discovering and honing in on his students' talent. He aspires to inspire his students by unleashing the same passion he has for music to lead them to success. 


Piano, Brass (Trumpet, Baritone, etc), Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, etc), Beg Drums, Beg Ukulele, Vocals

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