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Taylor Crawford

Vocals, Piano, Ukulele, Guitar

I didn't come from a musical family at all. My household was raised with football on the tv and 90's country music on the stereo. Inspired by watching girls that were singer-songwriters on YouTube, I was 13 when I asked for a guitar. Successfully, I taught myself via the internet and wrote 6 songs by the time the summer was over. I then received my first official music lessons when I was 15 at the Bulverde Academy of Music in San Antonio, Texas. I studied voice, guitar, songwriting, and recording studio. My teachers supported my direction in songwriting and fed me material that would encourage more of it.  


When I was submerged in music education at the academy, I knew that music was this beautiful thing I didn't fully understand but wanted to. I aspired to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and that vision shifted when I saw the price-tag. Musician's Institute became my second choice and again, for economic reasons it didn't work out. I was crushed. That's when I met record producer Mack Damon. He took me under his wing when I was 17 and taught me the ins and outs of what it takes to be an independent artist, function in a professional recording studio, and write great songs. A year goes by of soaking in the mentorship, working 3 jobs, and avoiding traditional academics. I had a revelation that I wanted to move to California to find my true story, write real songs that were beyond the scope of experiences of a 17-year-old, and become an independent artist. A real one!  


I was 18 when I packed up everything into my Volkswagen beetle and moved to Long Beach, CA without much of a plan in place. The day I left, I was 100% independent of my family and after a year of trials, tribulations, and tons of songwriting, it was time to make a record inspired by this adventure. My boyfriend at the time helped film a Kickstarter video, and I asked everyone I knew to help me make the record of my dreams. It was successful and "California" was born. I began to book more gigs around town, local events, and festivals. I had music online and was playing multiple nights a week. The dream was coming to life! 


I've always had a love for teaching and a natural ability for it, but I feel the most fulfilled when I am helping students believe in themselves, fall in love with music, and push through the discomfort of learning something new. There's healing inside of music. My teaching and artist career dance with each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way. So now I am currently attending Cypress College to work towards a degree in music therapy. I still to this day continue to take with private teachers and attend workshops to continue my private study. My second record is in the making, and in the last year, my songs have been pitched for film and tv. A song off "California" made its way into the credits of a thriller titled "Blood Money" starring John Cusack. Berklee is still on my mind for the future, but till then, I just soak up what I can and pass it down to my students.  I love what I do!


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