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Silas Topzand

Hi! My name is Silas and I’ve been playing music since the age of 9 when I picked up my saxophone for the first time. I quickly realized my passion was in percussion and I picked up the drums at the age of 11 along with guitar! Since then, I’ve stuck with my music and built upon my strengths, one of which is teaching. Over the years, I have been formally and informally trained in drums, other percussion, guitar, music theory, and sound engineering. My styles include, but are not limited to, rock, funk, hip-hop, rnb, blues, swing, boss’s-nova, bluegrass, mo-town, and the like.
I have a very passionate love for teaching music, as I believe a great instructor can truly make or break ones pursuit of an instrument.
I learned this through many summers spent teaching drum and band lessons in the mountain studios of Pennsylvania. I will continue to share my love of music with my students and mentors alike, as we will all forever be a student of music.
Nowadays, I have played in a few different bands that have made a name for themselves in the Bay Area called The Waves, Perspective Shift, and Host, and I continue to play with local musicians as a session drummer/guitarist for events such as Pulsar, Positive Vibrations, and my personal enjoyment! I look forward to treating each student as an equal and igniting that passion for music that drives them through the doors of BMS every week!

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