Sam Eliopoulos

Drums, Guitar, Beginning Piano

     I started to get the urge to play drums when I was 10 years old. I began like most kids do by hitting pots and pans and anything else I could find laying around the house that would make a cool noise. Eventually I received my first drum set and my whole world changed. I would lock myself in the garage for hours playing along to songs from my favorite bands and eventually forming bands with my elementary school friends, playing talent shows at school, birthday parties and any other places that would let us express ourselves. 

      That urge to play drums and to create music carried with me through out middle school where I played in the school band and eventually into high school where I found myself playing with as many people and bands as I could and gigging around locally in Long Beach. By the time I graduated high school I embarked on my first tour at 18 years old and was fortunate enough to play a lot of cool venues around the country. After that tour I stared playing regularly with a new group that brought me on a European tour where I was able to play, meet and see a whole different side of the world that wouldn't have been possible if I didn't stick with my passion to play music. 

     Since then many of doors opened up for me to play and record with various artist in some of the best studios in Los Angeles including the legendary Sound City studios. I've been able to play drums on songs that have been featured on TV shows, commercials and movies and continue to create with amazing artist of all different styles of music.

     In 2010 I attended Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California and enrolled into the Percussion Institute of Technology program where I was able to explore the infinite possibilities of playing drums. It wasn't until college that I realized playing drums is much more than hitting as hard and as loud as you can (which don't get me wrong is still very fun to do) it's about working and developing the tools and skills to get you to that next level of creativity and expression and without sitting down and focusing on practicing you definitely limit yourself on what you are capable of.  As a drum instructor I like to help my students get to that level of freedom and creativity by assisting them in developing what they already have into something better. I've learned a lot through school and playing in many different bands of all genres that I apply in a lesson with a student. I'm very fortunate and enjoy teaching the art of drums to my students that want to know what it's all about. I like being able to assist a student to take what they hear in their head and help them express it on the drum kit.

      So if you are sitting at home beating pots and pans and feel that urge to play drums come on by and start taking lessons because you never know where the possibility of music can take you.