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Jessica Fennelly

Flute, Piccolo, Ukulele, Guitar, Beg. Bass,

Beg. Piano

I was first introduced to music through my parents who would constantly play a large collection of vinyls, CDs, and tapes for my siblings and I. Like everyone in my family, I was encouraged to start learning an instrument in elementary school and picked flute. I found my passion for music grow during middle school as I started taking private lessons and playing with youth orchestras. During this time I started electric guitar and fell in love with jazz and classic rock.


Wanting to pursue a career in music, I attended The Boston Conservatory and received my Bachelor's in Flute Performance while gaining experience playing guitar, bass, and ukulele in numerous school ensembles and bands. I started teaching privately while studying in Boston and loved being able to help others find their own excitement and confidence in playing music.


After college, I moved to Long Beach to form my band TRAPS, focus on electronic music and production, and ultimately expand on teaching. Although I studied classically, I have a strong passion for nontraditional instruments and playing methods. In my own music I play midi guitar, synths, and homemade instruments that allow me different ways of expressing myself. This translates to my teaching as I believe strongly in helping a student find their own voice and learn the styles of music or playing that they enjoy.


In lessons, I aim to tailor teaching methods for each individual student. I think that learning theory and technical skills are more effective when presented in a style that each student understands. Playing music should be fun and rewarding for everyone and I believe that healthy practicing habits and a desire to learn are the perfect tools for learning any instrument!

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