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Jeff Livingstone

Jeff Livingstone is a musician from Long Beach, California, that has been incorporating elements of rock, jazz, and blues into his performance for almost 20 years. The singer-songwriter performs solo gigs at local venues, bars, restaurants, and weddings as the source of entertainment, live music, and ambiance. He currently plays lead electric guitar and sings in his trio, “The Jeff Livingstone Trio”, and is the lead guitarist & mandolin player in a folk-rock band called “Sunlit Souls”. Jeff studied Jazz guitar at Cypress College where he earned his Associates Degree in Music Performance.


Today, Jeff is a graduate from California State University of Fullerton where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment & Hospitality Management. Jeff currently works as a music instructor which emphasizes his passion for music and his belief in the importance of expression, creativity, and growth. He is committed to helping his students discover their full potential and will promote disciplined practice habits for them in order to embrace their own individuality through the art of music. 



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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Electric Bass, Piano, Ukulele

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