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Hector grew up with musical parents (bolero guitarist mother & Latin/soul DJ father) & picked up the cajon at a very early age. After learning the saxophone at an afterschool band, they realized they could write their own songs & chose to focus on guitar. Their mother taught them chords at 12 & they took a liking to writing basslines after a year. 


They attended Cerritos College for an Associate's in Music, teaching classmates & picking up piano/drums along the way.  After getting into the DIY scene around Long Beach, they performed, recorded, produced, & released music with & without bandmates. Around this time, they acquired a job teaching children safety skills & continued their studies in English/Creative Writing to teach music & develop their lyricism. They are currently working on their bachelor's at CSULB.


In tandem, Hector writes for Dead Relatives Magazine. They discuss band dynamics, experiences, creative processes, & stories with artists for articles. Covering genres from shoegaze to punk rock, they relay what bands have taught them from experience.

Hector Zaldivar

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