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Chris Walters is a self-taught Guitarist captivated by anything Guitar and Guitar Technique. Whenever he isn't singing, he's playing; usually he's doing both. Introduced to music at 6 years old, he's always been singing and had dreamed of playing Guitar just like his older brother. He finally picked up a Guitar at 15 and has been playing ever since. Beginning with Fingerstyle technique, Chris has learned a wide array of styles and still devotes himself to learning new ones. Over his time as a player, Chris has explored and learned several Rock subgenres, Funk, R&B, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Blues, Folk, and is currently diving further into Metal.

When not playing, Chris is practicing Voice as an Opera Performance Major at CSULB's Bob Cole Conservatory of Music. There he has performed in the Bob Cole Chamber Choir, University Choir, and Jazz 'n' Tonic. He has also sung in recording sessions with Mira Costa College's Frequency Vocal Ensemble, and small film scores. He has served as a Lead Bass for Churches in Los Angeles and Orange County. Beyond the classroom, he studies Rock and Pop vocal stylings; to him, every style of singing is valid and should be emphasized. As part of his degree, he has also studied Piano and can teach at a Beginner's level. He's currently exploring Jazz Piano whenever he has time.

No matter what, Chris strives to be the best musician he can and to help others enjoy the fun of music-making too!

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