Brooke Dickson

Voice, Piano, Beg. Guitar, Beg. Bass, Beg. Ukulele, Beg. Drums

Brooke Dickson is a musician with experience in many different fields. Coming from a musical family, Brooke has been in bands since the age of 10, playing bass, piano, guitar, ukulele, and singing. Growing up she studied classical piano, theory, and aural skills, which enabled her to be a highly educated musician. 


Later on, Brooke became involved with Musical Theater and Opera and held many lead roles, both in college and in local professional concert halls. Brooke went on to study classical voice and graduated from the OCAVA Opera School in Rome, Italy. There she had the privilege of performing multiple times in St. Paul’s Cathedral. Back Home in California, Brooke also had the honor of performing her favorite piece, “Ave Maria” in the Henry and Renee Segerstrom Concert Hall. 


Brooke is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She plans to use her well-rounded musical education and experience to teach students and help them achieve their musical goals. 


Brooke also recognizes that music has the power to transform lives of those who may experience mental illness, trauma, or developmental disorders. She currently specializes in working with students with Autism and plans to magnify this part of her teaching practice. 


Brooke plays bass and sings in her Long Beach rock band Chase Petra. Their music can be found on Spotify, YouTube, and social media. 


Brooke aims to use her well-rounded musical education and experience to inspire her students and to help them achieve their musical and non-musical goals. Whatever your goals may be, Brooke is excited to work with you. :)